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Since graduating from the Bezalel academy in 2016 with an MFA, My work primarily focuses on time based installations that incorporate photography and sound. These installations are an attempt to sync between natural processes such as the melting of ice and the rising of smoke with the mechanical autonomism of industrial instruments from medical, military and the energy sector.

In the installation Aqualung, I photographed the rising of two calf lungs from the ocean floor to the top. These photographs were presented in custom frames and printed on a waterproof material, while an industrial steamer released vapor on a cycle thus blurring then cleansing the images and filling the space with a fog.
In another, upon a table, rest castings of prenatal infants made from ultrasound gel, a bizarre speaker system connected with probes monitors the conductivity of the glass and creates ominous rhythms that shift as the sculptures melt.

These are attempts at reconciling the inevitability of time with our desire for control over our fate. These experiments are small events within which I hope to open a possibility to reflect and contemplate, a small moment which can maybe distort our perception of time and its inevitable conclusion.